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15 03, 2015

Payback for Wind Machines – A Case Study – Apple

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A presentation by Hugh Fraser, Agricultural Engineer, OMAFRA, at the Apple Academy in February, 2011 highlighted “Protection Technology” and the use of wind machines to protect apple crops from extreme cold temperatures in the spring. Of course, this technology has already been in use for several years in grapes and now more recently tender fruits.


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10 03, 2015

Summary of KCMS Research Paper

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Small batches. Made by hand. Artisanal. We have come to associate superior quality with these words, but what if you knew that when it comes to Niagara wines, machines are helping to produce a better product? We hired an independent research company to evaluate the effect on wine quality when grapes were harvested by machine versus by hand. The results were surprising, but clear.

10 03, 2015

Leaf Removal for Better Grapes

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In Niagara and other cool-climate growing regions, growers have developed strategies to maximize the amount of sunlight that reaches the fruit during the region's comparatively short growing season. Thinning the canopy and removing basal leaves is a well-known technique for improving grape quality. In 2008, Lakeview conducted a research study on the benefits of leaf removal, comparing mechanical thinning with that done by hand. We have compiled a summary of that research study and some helpful best practices that we hope you will find useful for your own vineyard management planning.