Used Equipment

  • Grape Harvesters

    Grape Harvesters (9)

    Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc. can find a mechanical harvesting solution for you no matter what size of vineyard you’re harvesting or what type of trellis is in use. In addition to a complete line up of state of the art new grape harvesters by Gregoire, Lakeview has access to a wide selection of used equipment from a variety of manufacturers. When you buy a grape harvester from Lakeview you can rest assured that we have an unmatched inventory of in stock parts to keep you running when harvest time comes. In addition, our service department is on call 24 hours a day to ensure your productivity stays on track no matter what service challenge you’re facing.
  • Wind Machines

    Wind Machines (2)

    Orchard Rite Wind Machines are widely regarded as the best form of crop frost protection available on the market. Frost Protection wind machines from Orchard Rite can cover up to 15 acres of crop during fall frost, extreme winter cold, and spring frost conditions. Orchard Rite wind machines can also be equipped with auto-start, ORSAT satellite monitoring and control capabilities, and tilt kits to allow for placement of machines on slopes. With over 1000 Orchard Rite Wind Machines operating in Canada, there is no doubt that they are the best performing, best supported frost protection wind machines on the market. Lakeview provides engine and tower services for all brands including Chinook Wind Machines, Frostboss Wind Machines, and Amarillo Wind Machines.
  • Sprayers

    Sprayers (6)

  • Tractors

    Tractors (4)

  • Leaf Removers

    Leaf Removers (3)

    Mechanical leaf removers in the vineyard provide cost savings and increase grape & wine quality for producers. A leaf removal study conducted in 2009 showed that a mechanical leaf remover can pay for itself in less than two seasons on a 50 acre farm while at the same time IMPROVING grape quality in every parameter measured, even compared to manual leaf removal! Mechanical leaf removal allows growers to increase airflow in the vineyard, decrease instances of disease, increase berry sun exposure, and remove debris from the vine row in instances where a pneumatic leaf remover is used. Lakeview is a proud supplier of Collard pneumatic leaf removers. Collard leaf removers can be configured as rear mount or front mount units and can cover up to 5 acres per hour depending on crop and fruit stage. Lakeview vineyard equipment also supplies used leaf removers on an as available basis.
  • Hedgers

    Hedgers (1)

    Lakeview Vineyard Equipment supplies heavy duty vineyard hedgers in all configurations (single “L” shaped, double “L” shaped, “U” shaped, multi row). Collard Hedgers are equipped with a state of the art operator joystick that makes operation simple and effective. Collard Hedgers are the most robust and heavy duty hydraulic hedgers available on the market. Productivity with a double L Collard Hedger can be up to 8 acres per hour depending on operating conditions.
  • Winery Equipment

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  • Vineyard Shredders

    Vineyard Shredders (3)

  • Mowers

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  • Farm Implements

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  • Other Products

    Other Products (8)

    Visit our “other products” section for Gregoire Hydraulic Power Packs / Hoses, Weberlane Grape Tote Wagons, Grape Dumpers, Winery Equipment including Basket Presses (Ice Wine Presses), Continuous Presses, Pneumatic Presses, Pumps and Filters.
  • Ice Wine Presses

    Ice Wine Presses (1)

    Lakeview Vineyard Equipment was a former importer for CEP icewine presses. Lakeview Vineyard Equipment supplies parts and service for CEP icewine presses and offers used icewine press equipment on an as available basis.