Collard™ Leaf Removers

Collard™ Leaf Removers

$37,000.00 USD

Collard™ Leaf Remover.

  • Pneumatic leaf removal
  • Gentle on fruit, no physical contact with bunches
  • Great productivity rate 5 acres / hour
  • Electric over Hydraulic valves.
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Front and Rear Mount models available
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Product Description

Collard Leaf Removers offer a consistent level of leaf thinning at a high rate of productivity. Air blasts remove leaf tissue while leaving the developing bunches un-harmed. This provides a buffer zone for equipment operator variability.

  • Defoliating Heads – 19-1/2 Inch, Equipped with Double Slots and two Diameters for Maximum Coverage. Adjustable Height +/- 90°
  • Air Compressor – 45 H.P. Requirement (3 Point) Exhaust Silencer and Air Intake Filter.
  • Required Hydraulic Capacity 8 GPM @ 2400 PSI
  • Modular Frame Construction
  • Hydraulic Electric Controls Are Standard
  • Storage Stand For Parking Machine
  • Hydraulic Filter For Long Motor Life
  • Equipped With Reinforcement Braces And Mounting Bracket
  • Electric Oil Flow Regulator to Adjust the Nozzles Rotation Speed

Collard Front Mount Leaf Remover

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