Gregoire™ Multi-flow Quattro 4-Row Sprayer

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Gregoire™ Multi-flow Quattro 4-Row Sprayer


  • 2500 L tank
  • 200 L fresh water rinse
  • separate liquid / dry chemical mixing tank at ground level
  • high pressure diaphragm pump
  • completely variable fan and rate control
  • seamless integration in existing harvester touch screen controls
  • all fans and booms independently hydraulically operated, adjustable to your vineyard configuration.
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  • The ultimate in vineyard spraying productivity.
  • Utilize your equipment to it’s maximum potential. The unmatched 4 complete row productivity brings your operation to a whole new level of quality and efficiency.
  • Cover your acreage efficiently and with the best spray deposition in the industry.
  • The easy to use interface makes the Mult-Flow Quattro Harvester mounted sprayer the best possible option available for tight spray deadlines.


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