Gregoire™ G9 Grape Harvester

Gregoire™ G9 Grape Harvester


  • 2.0M minimum row width
  • 1.95M maximum trellis height
  • 15cm minimum picking height
  • 6 cylinder Deutz – 167hp @2100 rpm
  • 28% slope correction
  • 20 ARC rods
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Product Description

Tractor / Cab

  • Comfortable Cab, soundproofed, best visibility, Stereo, Built in cooler, AC
  • Color touchscreen data display, records vineyard activity that can be exported to computer
  • Easy to use joystick control, semi-automatic levelling
  • ECOdrive® mode: save fuel by running the engine at lower RPMs when turning on headlands
  • Automatic recognition of attached implements
  • Cruise control, for driving between sites, and during vineyard operations
  • 28% Slope correction

Picking Head

  • VARIwidth+® Parallel picking head post shift: keep ARC rods in same shape at all times
  • Width adjustment up to 800mm
  • 3.25 M picking head length
  • Hydraulic pinch adjustment: widen or narrow rods configuration
  • Pendulum picking head suspension: follows vines perfectly eliminating damage
  • ARC rods: long lasting, maintain contact with vine but flex around posts and trunks.
  • Picking height only 15cm from bottom of catching trays
  • Stainless steel conveyer chassis / catching trays
  • Powerful Bottom cleaning fans with vertical cane extractors
  • 500mm Top cleaning fans remove any missed materials
  • Cleantech® vario available. Onboard sorting system. Removes up to 99% M.O.G.


  • Deutz 6 cylinder diesel
  • 167Hp @2100 RPM

Gregoire G9 Self Propelled Grape Harvester – Sales Brochure

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