Gregoire™ Powerflow TTA Sprayer

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Gregoire™ Powerflow TTA Sprayer


Double Row productivity with this powerful yet efficient Multi-Row Sprayer.

  • Polyethylene tank 1500 and 2000 l models
  • 3 x 750mm turbines
  • 24 x twin jet bronze nozzles with anti-drip valve
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Product Description

  • Super Twin System:
    • Adjustable-angle, stainless-steel deflectors.
  • Polyester tank and cover facilitates repairs in case of impacts and enhances durability.
  • Brass connections, high-pressure filters, and twin-jets for toughness, durability and trouble-free threading.
  • Low-Compaction Tires.
  • ARAG Bravo Automatic Rate Controller
    • Automatically adjusts flow-rate to achieve programmed parameter regardless of changes in speed
    • Tracks and records area covered and liters sprayed. All records downloadable to USB drive
  • Hydraulic-Driven agitation pump for great efficiency
  • Stainless Steel mixing basket standard

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