Infaco™ Electric Pruners

Infaco™ Electric Pruners

$2,295.00 USD

Cut down Pruning times and fatigue with Infaco™ electric pruning shears. Keep track of all cuts. Lightweight, and long lasting batteries make usage for days comfortable and productive.

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The new ELECTROCOUP F3010 is the ideal tool for vine pruning. It is the only pruning shear with the advantage of an elctrically adjustable half- aperture setting on the device. This saves considerable time on all small and medium cutting operations (representing 70% to 80% of all pruning: spur or cane pruning).
F3010: The World’s only pruning shear equipped with 4 interchangeable heads featuring adjustable half-aperture.
The F3010 gives you the option of 2 operating modes :
> “Pulse” mode and “Proportional” mode.
> “Pulse” mode allows you to work at maximum speed, while “Proportional” mode gives extremely precise control of blade movement, according to the pressure exercised by your finger on the operating trigger.
Battery Autonomy can be up to 2 days work without recharging.


The F3010 in Orchards and Tree pruning

The F3010 is the reference in electronic pruning tools in arboriculture and Forestry pruning work, thanks to its great cutting capacity, its power, and above interchangeable pruning heads depending on the size of the wood pruned.
The F3010 can be fitted with a range of telescopic extensions from 1.20m / 3.94ft to 3.50m / 11.48ft. giving access to branches up to 5m / 16.4ft from the ground.
The pruning shear is controlled by a micro switch inserted in a sliding trigger handle fitted to the carbon extension.


The F3010 in Parklands
and Local councils

The F3010 is the new companion for local council and parkland maintenance agents.
Some local authorities now have over 50 units in uses (eg: C.U.S. Strasbourg , France ).
The F3010’s versatility means it can be used for all routine maintenance works and also on large-scale pruning operations.


The F3010 for goat
and sheep breeders

Once or twice a year, preferably after sheep and goats have spent a few days out to grass, their hooves have to be trimmed. Removing the excess horn to keep the animals firmly on their feet and help them fight against foot rot is a vital but laborious task that requires dexterity, strength and patience.
The F3010 hoof kit is designed to trim hooves with less effort on the breeder’s part. It does the job quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the stress on the animal during this operation. In addition, the Electrocoup F3010’s progressive approach means that if offers great precision and limits the risk of injury to the animal.


The F3010 for garlic growers

INFACO has created the Garlic Kit, a revolution for garlic growers.
Designed in collaboration with specialists in the sector, this new cutting head is adapted to the ELECTROCOUP F3010 electric secateurs and fitted with the DSES system to improve working conditions for all agricultural workers and increase their output. Apart from the human aspect, the Garlic Kit comes with a blade that is perfectly adapted to uprooting garlic and offers a much cleaner cut.

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