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Orchard-Rite™ Wind Machines


Frost Protection Wind Machines are the safest investment you can make to protect your crop from frost damage. Gain dependable yields with Orchard-Rite™ Wind Machines.

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Orchard-Rite® wind machines are the industry’s most dependable protection against the damaging effects of spring frosts and winter freezes. Our wind machines work with nature to pull the warmer air down into the orchard or growing field to raise temperatures and save crops.

Orchard-Rite® wind machines have been proven to be the most dependable machines on the market. This dependability starts by selecting top quality raw materials from well-known suppliers. Materials are then fabricated, assembled, or precision machined in our manufacturing facilities under a strict quality control program.

Our wind machine blades are the safest and most efficient in the industry. We use a unique design and proprietary process to construct durable, all-fiberglass blades.

We manufacture six wind machine models, with a horsepower range of 60-170.We offer a variety of options for powering the machines including gasoline (petrol), liquid propane gas, natural gas, vapor propane gas, diesel, electrical power plants and PTO. Coverage ranges from 5 to 14 acres depending on the type of model and condition.

All Orchard-Rite® wind machine gearboxes use a fail-safe oil submersion system for added reliability and longevity.

A simply designed control panel allows operators to monitor oil pressure, amperage, and temperature. Every Orchard-Rite® wind machine is protected by a Murphy shut-down system. These systems monitor critical engine thresholds and will shut the engine down to prevent further damage if these thresholds are met.

Each Orchard-Rite® wind machine is designed to be site specific. Using detailed aerial photographs and GPS technology, we study the topography of the land before recommending a possible site for a new wind machine. A sales representative  experienced in wind machine placement reviews every site before installation, working closely with the grower to find the optimal location and options to maximize the wind machine’s performance.

Protect your crops with the
smart choice ­– Orchard-Rite® wind machines.